Monday, May 11, 2009

Anne Austin Pearce

Anne Austin Pearce was a very interesting artist to me so she was the visiting artist that I am choosing to write about. Her art to me was crazy and somewhat maybe not disturbing but just off. However that is what made it so interesting. She was also very interesting to listen to she was very down to earth and was very easy to talk to and follow along with. After looking at her artwork it has really intrigued me to start looking at art in a different way. Before she came I only knew one way of creating art and that was realistically but now I can look at art and not feel like it has to have meaning and look realistic. She has made me want to try creating art in a new and different way.

Friday, May 1, 2009


a. Postmodern art is art that is related and compared to other pieces of art. The viewer doesn’t just look at the art work the viewer completes the piece by looking at it for what it is and then comparing it to other art. Postmodern art is more about the idea rather than the technique or skill. The art is meant to inform and evoke emotions and feelings.

b. Feminism or Feminist Art is considered Postmodern art because the creator wanted to make artwork about themselves. They wanted to make the unseen seen. The artwork evokes many feelings because it is not pretty, often it is graphic and painful to look at. They are also very much informing the viewers and evoking many different feelings.

c. Paul McCarthy’s artwork is very much Postmodern because it is very in your face and causes you to immediately respond. It may not be a good response but it’s somewhat of a shock value that evokes all kinds of emotions.

d. Karen Margolis is the artist I chose. I chose her because of her use of circles and colors. It’s very interesting to me and there is so much to look at

Monday, April 6, 2009


a. Formalism is art created for the sole purpose of showing form through the use of line, shape, color, and texture. There is no underlying concept or deep meaning to the art piece it is purely art for the purpose of art. The art is not created to make the viewer think or feel a certain way, it is there only to be visually appealing. However, it may not be visually appealing to all.

b. The artist that best fits my definition of Formalism is Kandinsky. His use of lines, shapes, and color to create a successful composition is exactly what I think of when I think of Formalism. His pieces have such a wide range of subject matter that they create a very interesting way of viewing them. There is also so much going on in the that create movement that a person could sit there looking at it for long periods of time because they are all so independently interesting. Out of the three Kandinsky’s art also intrigues me more than the other two.

c. I feel that Mondrian fits into Formalism very well because of his use of non-representational forms. Of all the art I have seen that Mondrian has created he has no sign of social, cultural, or representational messages in them that were clear for me to see. Which fits into Formalisms standards.

d. My artist that I picked was Gilgian Getzer. I picked this artist because of the use of lines, shape and color. The lines seem to go together just right and that is what I am trying to accomplish with my drawing. Not so much though that it looks mapped or planned out.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Expressionism and Congnitivism

a. Expressionism is all about emotion, the emotion that a person feels when looking at a certain object or piece of art. Expressionism is also the tendency of an artist to distort reality for an emotional effect, it causes the viewer to react with emotion and to try and relate the work of art or object so that it pertains to their life. Cognitivism is the view that a work of art is valuable if it contributes to knowledge.

b. Leo Tolstoy defines art as something that accurately showed how the world is so that people would see it and be more aware of things going on around them and want to be more humane to each other and the world.

c. According to Collingwood art is only classified as art if the artist who created it was successful in delivering their emotion to the viewer. Therefore the viewer is the most important part of the piece of art work because without them actually feeling the emotion that the artist had in mind it isn’t successful in the eyes of the artist.

d. Both Louis Bourgeois and Kiki Smith both use metaphors in most of their art. They both really try to use their art to engage the viewers to make them feel their own emotions and to think for themselves instead of trying to think like the artist would want them to. Both Bourgeois and Smith tend to use everyday familiar objects and images that are well known to the viewers but they also try to display them in a way that the viewer has to use their imagination and create their own idea of what it is and what is going on.

Friday, February 13, 2009


a. Realistic art to me is something being shown that could happen, has happened or will happen that someone has decided to represent in a way that is very life like in all aspects. A good example of realism to me is photography because photographs capture the truth whether good or bad as long as they are unaltered. Realistic are can also be made from your imagination as long as it relates closely to everyday life and isn’t distorted in any way.

b. Good art according to Plato would be “fine and graceful”. It should appeal to peoples’ emotions in a very powerful way. He also believed that good art should be truthful, meaningful, and in its purest form. He also believed that good art should be made for a certain reason to serve a certain purpose.

c. I think that in one aspect Pluto would say that Koon’s art does not even qualify as art. Not only is most of his artwork very personal which according to Pluto is not right because he believes that art is for the people not the artist. Pluto would also not like it because there is no purpose for it. Also, when looking at Koon’s sexual artworks there is no powerful emotions that are conveyed or picked up. However, in another aspect his artwork is very truthful and in its purest form.

d. Good art according to Aristotle “does not simply copy nature, but celebrates it by finding the universal or archetypical, representing an amalgamation of the best that nature provides.” All good art comes from the natural world.

e. I don’t think that obscene art contradicts its self because I feel that just because a piece of art is obscene and gets a big reaction whether it’s bad or not doen’t make it any less art than something that is labeled as “Beatiful”. Something that is obscene to one person make be common place for another person. I believe that if you truly appreciate art you have to appreciate all art.

f. No I don’t believe that vivid sexual images are more obscene than violence, poverty, wealth, or sickness. In my opinion I am more disturbed with the scenes of violence and poverty than I am with sexual scenes. In a way we all know these things happen it’s just that we don’t nessesarily want to see them because then it means that it is real.

g. Virginia Zimmermann is an artist that reminds me of my art piece because she does a lot of collages in graphite that also has some hand writing and different aspects to it. Also, her pieces all tell stories by using different items to relate or show something to tell the story.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beauty vs. Repulsion

a. I think that a good example of art would be Dorothea Lange’s photographs such as Migrant Mother and so many others. I think it is good art because of the realism and when you look at the pictures there’s really no need for an explanation because they are pretty self explanatory. I would have to say that I feel that Henri Matisse’s nude paintings are bad art. Mainly because I feel that if his look like a little child did them and it makes me wonder if he ment to make them look like that or if he just cannot draw/paint people. I think that they either need to be more realistic or completely abstract. I feel that he is right in the middle and I just don’t like them.

b. art that has been made popular by critics and very knowledgeable and were respected people

c. something whether an object or an image that meets the standards that people have set in order to be called “art”

d. I seem to get uncomfortable when people who know nothing about art have never studied it or anything, judge art and say things like “how can that be considered art, it doesn’t look like art” and then they expect me to be able to explain the work to them just because I’m an art major. I think I would be less uncomfortable if in response to their questions just say that only the actual artist that did the piece can fully explain it.

e. I feel that for this project Morten Schelde’s art is most like mine. The way he uses his pencil and color pencil drawings is very realistic and detailed. The subject matter doesn’t really relate but the look of his drawings is the look that I am going for in my pieces.