Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beauty vs. Repulsion

a. I think that a good example of art would be Dorothea Lange’s photographs such as Migrant Mother and so many others. I think it is good art because of the realism and when you look at the pictures there’s really no need for an explanation because they are pretty self explanatory. I would have to say that I feel that Henri Matisse’s nude paintings are bad art. Mainly because I feel that if his look like a little child did them and it makes me wonder if he ment to make them look like that or if he just cannot draw/paint people. I think that they either need to be more realistic or completely abstract. I feel that he is right in the middle and I just don’t like them.

b. art that has been made popular by critics and very knowledgeable and were respected people

c. something whether an object or an image that meets the standards that people have set in order to be called “art”

d. I seem to get uncomfortable when people who know nothing about art have never studied it or anything, judge art and say things like “how can that be considered art, it doesn’t look like art” and then they expect me to be able to explain the work to them just because I’m an art major. I think I would be less uncomfortable if in response to their questions just say that only the actual artist that did the piece can fully explain it.

e. I feel that for this project Morten Schelde’s art is most like mine. The way he uses his pencil and color pencil drawings is very realistic and detailed. The subject matter doesn’t really relate but the look of his drawings is the look that I am going for in my pieces.

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  1. great blog. good definitions. couple point for late.