Monday, April 6, 2009


a. Formalism is art created for the sole purpose of showing form through the use of line, shape, color, and texture. There is no underlying concept or deep meaning to the art piece it is purely art for the purpose of art. The art is not created to make the viewer think or feel a certain way, it is there only to be visually appealing. However, it may not be visually appealing to all.

b. The artist that best fits my definition of Formalism is Kandinsky. His use of lines, shapes, and color to create a successful composition is exactly what I think of when I think of Formalism. His pieces have such a wide range of subject matter that they create a very interesting way of viewing them. There is also so much going on in the that create movement that a person could sit there looking at it for long periods of time because they are all so independently interesting. Out of the three Kandinsky’s art also intrigues me more than the other two.

c. I feel that Mondrian fits into Formalism very well because of his use of non-representational forms. Of all the art I have seen that Mondrian has created he has no sign of social, cultural, or representational messages in them that were clear for me to see. Which fits into Formalisms standards.

d. My artist that I picked was Gilgian Getzer. I picked this artist because of the use of lines, shape and color. The lines seem to go together just right and that is what I am trying to accomplish with my drawing. Not so much though that it looks mapped or planned out.