Monday, May 11, 2009

Anne Austin Pearce

Anne Austin Pearce was a very interesting artist to me so she was the visiting artist that I am choosing to write about. Her art to me was crazy and somewhat maybe not disturbing but just off. However that is what made it so interesting. She was also very interesting to listen to she was very down to earth and was very easy to talk to and follow along with. After looking at her artwork it has really intrigued me to start looking at art in a different way. Before she came I only knew one way of creating art and that was realistically but now I can look at art and not feel like it has to have meaning and look realistic. She has made me want to try creating art in a new and different way.

Friday, May 1, 2009


a. Postmodern art is art that is related and compared to other pieces of art. The viewer doesn’t just look at the art work the viewer completes the piece by looking at it for what it is and then comparing it to other art. Postmodern art is more about the idea rather than the technique or skill. The art is meant to inform and evoke emotions and feelings.

b. Feminism or Feminist Art is considered Postmodern art because the creator wanted to make artwork about themselves. They wanted to make the unseen seen. The artwork evokes many feelings because it is not pretty, often it is graphic and painful to look at. They are also very much informing the viewers and evoking many different feelings.

c. Paul McCarthy’s artwork is very much Postmodern because it is very in your face and causes you to immediately respond. It may not be a good response but it’s somewhat of a shock value that evokes all kinds of emotions.

d. Karen Margolis is the artist I chose. I chose her because of her use of circles and colors. It’s very interesting to me and there is so much to look at